ST David Renno:移动设备中的安全应用趋势

David Renno:意法半导体安全微控制器部门移动安全市场经理负责安全单元和 NFC 解决方案。他在加入意法半导体前曾先后在 SAGEM Mobile、北京握奇、 ams AG 三家企业工作。 Renno 拥有 15 年的电信从业经验和多国旅居工作经历。在北京担任握奇移动通信解决方案部主管一职让其深入了解了中国及亚洲支付和电信市场,积累了丰富的经验。 Renno,法国国籍,精通英、汉、意大利三种语言,毕业于 INSA(法国国立应用科学学院)法国雷恩分校,电子电信专业硕士学历。

Mobile devices are carrying more and more secure applications, from payment, transit,biometrics, to connectivity allowing end user to keep interacting with its close and farenvironment. This trend of secure applications accumulation brings new security challenge while increasing the requirement in term of processing power and security and the complexity of integration for OEMs.All in one, while end users expect their high end mobile phones to carry more of these added value secure applications, OEMs headache is on the time to market to fulfil market requirement.This presentation will highlight the trends in the mobile space and emerging technical solutions。